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Sales Consulting

Increasing revenue, improving sales processes and people is what drives our consultancy. We understand how good sales people can make a business and how underperforming/lazy sales people can break a business. Increasing revenue and sales performance are achieved by improving the processes, mentoring and motivating people in the business and build a proactive attitude!

An added bonus to the service is that while the consultancy takes place, we coach and train the people within the business to ensure the long-term success of the solution. We offer the whole solution when it comes to improving your revenue, people and process.

Sales Service Cover

Sales strategy and process
Address Sales underperformance issues & get to the goal
Sales development and training
Performance management
Target setting and meeting

Outdoor Sales Training

Sales Mentoring / Training

The training session is conducted personally by Aakriti and are designed to cover the important aspects of selling. It provides a unique insight into her sales approach and teaches the method of how she sells. This course delivers over 20 years of real sales experience! Each attendee will walk away with real sales skills that will have a real impact on their performance from the moment they complete the course.

If you want an insight into how to truly sell anything then this course is a must!

Some elements that we will cover

  • What makes a good Sales person?
  • Can you really sell anything?
  • Managing the information
  • The 5 ‘W’s for your business – what why, when where who!
  • The Three ‘A’s in your career – aspirations, apprehensions, answers.
  • Personal Development Plan/ ideas

Key Sales Elements of This Course

Lead generation and management utilizing the right sales methodology and process
Relationship building, nurturing and commitment to client success
Proposals and negotiation
Delivery and implementation
Handling escalations
After sales support and upsell

This is a 2-day course in continuation. Since people from varied experiences attend this, we prefer weekends or if a corporate activity can be done during the week as well. With this, you build a lifetime relationship with Aakriti as well as other coaches and seek their help in your day to day sales activities and see them as your mentor for life. As special cases on a need basis, you can fix up a one on one mentoring session with Aakriti and team.

Sales recruitment / Hiring sales people on behalf of you

You get on with running your business; we get on with finding you the right sales people! We have two models in this segment.

Our Consultancy takes a very different approach to sales recruitment as we are NOT recruitment consultants! It’s the reverse psychology, think about it! A recruitment consultant gets paid when you employ their candidate, so they are selling to you not working for you to get the right person! To top it if the candidate is wrong months down the line you have not only lost on your business but also pay agency again to find another candidate!

Sales people are dime a dozen, but It is a true fact that out of all the people to recruit successfully, good sales people are the hardest. Let’s face it if they are good talkers, they can easily bluff an interview also! That’s where our secret weapon comes in! We take part in all recruitment projects normally attending all second interviews and acting as the devil’s advocate. We look at the candidate not only from a skills perspective but from a discipline, enthusiast, personal conditions, preferences etc.

What we do is simple and very effective as we work with you from the point of the vacancy being identified right through to the job offer going out. We go through each and every resume with you and shortlist the right candidates for interview and then conduct the interview as a panel member to give a 3rd party perspective to the skill set and the candidate.

Get the right person the first time and keep them for a long time!


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