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Chatbots are a means to assist users with the information they need without having a human interface in-between them and the source of the information. They use Natural Language Processing so the user can ask questions just like they would to a human. An Artificial intelligence bot (AI bot), learns over time and gets better at answering questions.

The interface for AI based chatbots can be in the form of text chat or using voice. The technology is already well established and there are already several chatbot platforms & applications such as Dialogflow, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant etc from major corporations.

What are bots used for?


Customer Enquiry

Visitors can talk with a chatbot that can help answer user queries when customers visit your website.

Customer/Employee Selfservice

Bots can query your database to help retrieve information users need.

Management Reporting

Chatbot integration with backend systems such as ERP and CRM (through API's) enable employees to retrieve information quickly.

Business Benefits

By taking the power of the technology and customizing it for a business, there are significant improvements that businesses can make to some of their key metrics. Here is a list of chatbot uses:

Turnaround Time

There can be a significant saving in terms of the time it takes users to get the information they need. This is achieved through savings in the time taken to navigate as well having a single window for querying all relevant information sources

24/7 Availability

A chatbot is available round the clock ensuring assistance is not limited to company/employee working hours of live chat website. No need for project management overhead to schedule resources and shifts. People can talk to virtual bots at any time.

Customer Service

Less time spent by customers on the phone with customer service agents means more satisfied and happier customers. They chat with a bot instead and get all the answers they need.

Customer Loyalty

Bots that offer better customer service could translate to better customer retention and feedback. People will keep coming back for virtual bot chat to get the answers they need.

Cost Savings

Saving time with bots directly translates to cost savings.

This can be calculated by a simple formula:
Average time/query saved after deploying chatbot = 30% to 60%^
Current cost per query = X^
Cost savings for every 100 queries = 100 * (0.3X) to 100 * (0.6X)

Note: ^ - The numbers will vary according to the industry and use case and can be easily calculated based on existing historical data and by doing a small Pilot with a chatbot.

Our Chatbot Development Work Examples

Employee wants to get his last payslip.

Today, he goes to the intranet portal, navigates to the correct menu item by performing several clicks before he reaches the section containing the payslip. This is assuming he is familiar with exactly where he needs to go on the portal.

With a chatbot, he could just type in “show me my last payslip” and he would get a link to the exact location of this payslip. In essence, an intelligent bot at work!

A insurance policy holder wants to know the next premium date of his policy and the nominee name.

Today, he would either login to his customer portal (assuming he remembers the policy id and password) or call the customer service centre to get the details. And we have all experienced situations where we have been put on hold for a long time.

With a chatbot, he could quickly authenticate his identity through his mobile number and type in the questions and almost instantaneously get the answer.

A business unit head wants to know the sales for last month to a particular customer

Today, he would need to navigate to a report in a system or he would ask someone in his team to get him the information.

With a chatbot, he could simply type in the question and the chatbot will query the right system to automatically fetch the answer.


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