Business Consulting


This service assists businesses in looking at their Revenue and Cost drivers and helps optimize them. We begin by helping you identify the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Metrics for each business function, measure them and subsequently help optimize them.
We have our own proprietary KPI generator tool that we use to help you generate your KPIs (should you not have all your KPIs ready) from a KPI repository. This tool can also be used in a self service mode

We bring in concepts of Management by Objectives, Theory of Constraints and Value Chain Analysis to our consulting engagements and can help you drive productivity improvements.

We can work with a flexible commercial model - where we take a fixed fee to cover some of our costs and then peg the remaining on the outcomes that we enable you to achieve..

We use a Data and Metrics driven approach to assess areas of improvement and optimization to increase your profitability

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