Of late, there has been a huge buzz about chatbots. Here are two examples:

  1. Businesses in 200+ countries are using chatbots on FB Messenger – Global Telecom Success Story.
  2. 80% of all businesses will want chatbots by 2020 – Medium Blog Post.

Let us analyze the reasons why a business should have a chatbot on its website.

a. An interactive interface with the customer

However well staffed a company may be, you still can’t have a live person answer queries on the website 24/7. In case a customer has a query during non-working hours, he has to click on the landing page, fill a contact form, dial a number or fill up the chat option waiting for the chat representative to be back on service. Instead, if a bot pops up right away inviting the visitor to chat, that might just do the trick.

A chatbot is just the ideal thing to start a conversation. Since it is not a live person, the conversation is impersonal yet appearing as human as possible. And with the advent of AI, the chatbot is personalized enough to judge your tastes and offer you suggestions. Thus a chatbot offers the right for instant interaction with the customer.

b. Prevents lost sales opportunity

How many visitors who visit a site, ever become a lead? Majority of them never cross the Home page. Only a few get to the landing page or contact page. So how does a company plug this leak of potential customers then? By offering an AI Chatbot on the site.

A busy visitor may not have time to read all the content on a site. Yet he may have few moments to just ask the chatbot the right questions gaining an answer immediately.

You may have earned yourself a lead.

a. Prevents lost sales opportunity

Gone are the days when companies used to send emails, follow them up with calls and seek feedback from the customer. Now all of this is immediate. Yes, the moment a customer logs into the site and asks a query, the AI chatbot gives him the information and also gets feedback on the product or service. This instant feedback is highly valuable in taking strategic decisions in marketing and sales.

b. Prevents website bounce

A company’s website has a lot of content. However what the customer seeks may not be present directly in front of his eyes. Customers are too busy to hunt for information on websites and may lose interest and bounce to another site.

This is where an AI chatbot steps in to prevent this bounce. When a website has a chatbot, all the customer has to do is to type the query and the information he seeks is provided by the chatbot. This availability of a bot should clearly be visible to the visitor.

c. Individual Targeting

A company’s website has dozens of people visiting it every day. But of these, only a small portion become leads or get converted into sales prospects. If a company wants to target a specific set of audience individually, this cannot be done unless there is a chatbot on the site. An AI chatbot helps to target numerous people both individually and simultaneously.

This type of individual targeting is vital for:

    • Customer re-engagement
    • Customer conversion
    • Promotion of sales offers
    • Niche marketing
    • Promotion of loyalty programs

Benefits that AI chatbots can offer to a website

a. A human touch

An AI chatbot gives a “human” feel to the website. Although it is a software, it is almost as if a person is interacting with you. Programmed to be a good conversationalist, a chatbot can even crack jokes, thus enriching the user experience.

b. Effective for marketing

An AI chatbot interacts with the customer in a natural way, giving a “near-real” experience. This casual conversation feature comes very handy when pitching marketing offers or promo deals.

c. Maximum conversion

You can spend lots of money designing your website, running PPC campaigns or SEO, but all this can only garner visits or traffic to your website. You still need conversion magnets like the AI chatbot which instantly pops up inciting the customer to respond.

d. Round-the clock & ready-to-help service

A customer can login to a website 24/7, no doubt. But what if he wants to enquire something at 2am your time? An AI chatbot can answer his questions at anytime of the day.

e. Seamless human integration

On visiting a website, suppose a customer wishes to interact with a human representative. Without a chatbot, all he can do is leave a message and wait for them to call. Secondly, once the person closes the website, the conversation ends.

On the contrary, with AI chatbots, this “hand-off to humans” is done seamlessly and without delay. Even if there is a delay from the human end, the chatbot notifies the customer and keeps him re-engaged or can pick up the thread from where it was left off.

AI Chatbots are indispensable to any website and business as they transform the customer’s website visit into an “intelligent and interactive” experience.

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