Say the phrase “facial recognition” and people promptly identify it with the “Star Trek” series or with unlocking doors using security systems. However, facial recognition has a much wider scope. For instance, facial recognition can be used in activities such as customer identification, security, payment and advertising.

Benefits of using facial recognition for customer/user identification

    1. Security

Security is one of the foremost concerns of business organizations. The advantages of using facial recognition for security are:

      • Only the owner can access the property, document or device. Right from smartphones like iPhone X to cars, unlocking these devices securely by the owner is possible with face recognition.
      • Illegal entry and theft can be avoided by placing face id scanners at entry and exit points.
      • Fraud and embezzlement can also be prevented by installing face id requirements for document access.
      • Payment gateways can prevent password misuse by demanding face recognition for payment processing.
      • Can be used for exams which reduces impersonation both during online tests and subsequently during the interview and onboarding process.
      • Banks and ATM counters can use this feature of facial recognition for identifying their customers. Card payments are also incorporating this technology.
    1. User-friendliness

Facial recognition is very user friendly

      • It speeds up the process of customer identification as it is an instant single-step process.
      • No more need for lengthy passwords, fingerprint or iris scanning.
      • The other salient benefit in facial recognition is that it can be easily integrated with any computer system of the organization offering easy installation.

Face recognition systems are highly useful at hospitals, public distribution systems, bank counters etc, where long queues exist. With just a single scan, the customer’s identity is instantly verified and this drastically reduces waiting time.

    1. Automated

Facial recognition system is an automated system and needs less staff to manage it. Customers can access the information they seek 24 x 7 by using the face recognition facility.

    1. Captures emotions

Face recognition can also capture various emotions and can be used for scanning a group to assess overall mood. This can have uses in various areas such as Entertainment, Food Preferences etc.

Face recognition can be used for a variety of purposes.

Some of them are:

    • Targeted advertising

Using face recognition, companies can promote selective ads based on the gender and age of the viewer.

    • Customer feedback

Marketers can make use of face responses to judge customer likes and dislikes. For instance, an ad can be screened and depending upon the face response of the customer, further details may be provided or the ad may be substituted for another one. Thus face recognition helps to get first-hand feedback from customers.

    • Customer Service

Walmart has applied for a patent to use Face recognition technology for better customer service. It wishes to use this technology to determine whether the customer is happy or not while shopping at Walmart and if not, provide instant redressal.

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