If you have an idea or a requirement that you want developed - we can help you do that using technologies including Angular, React, Python, Node.js and PHP. We can build it for on-premise installation or on the cloud.

We can help you build AI chatbots and voice assistants that are available 24/7 and train them according to your business needs. We work with Dialogflow, Google Actions, Amazon Lex, Amazon Alexa Skills kit

We work extensively with AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud etc. We can help you build and deploy applications to the cloud and also help with regular monitoring and maintenance of your existing cloud services.

We help develop face recognition solutions based on your business requirements. We have prebuilt solutions around Customer Identification and Visitor Management

An innovative metrics based SaaS solution that helps you improve your business profitability and employee performance. Understand how work of one department affects another

At Bluegild, we believe that businesses can be enabled and disrupted for the better, through technology.


I was introduced to Bluegild Solutions when we were in a difficult situation caused by the existing technology vendor. His team was very proactive and scaled up on our platform in record time. They went beyond the call of duty several times. Thanks for the great partnership.

Deepti Arora
CEO, Healclinic

The pilot has been extremely successful – with not only the performance of teams improving but it also gave supervisors an opportunity to track outcome drivers that led to enhanced outcomes. This is the first solution that I have seen which focuses on both effort metrics and outcome behavioural drivers of supervisors – which is super critical for success in the outsourcing industry.

Mohan KG
President, RuralShores

I am very pleased after implementing Metrimap. We found that our entire KPI management has gotten streamlined. The whole process of objectifying the KPI management has resulted in direct improvement in business. As a small business owner, this meant I could keep a tab on performance across the company, and each department – down to the employee level.

Arun J.
CEO & Co-founder, CrackVerbal

It was a good experience working with them as they completed the project on time and worked exactly according to the specifications. They have a hard working team and will try their best to get the job done.

Abhishek Tripathi
Buyxprs Pvt. Ltd.

I would highly recommend Bluegild Solutions for the development of your projects. They are quick, reliable and open when completing development tasks. Their team is also great at communicating, always quick to respond to questions or requests. They are very clear in their responses and easy to communicate with as well. Bluegild Solutions is also very flexible. They are willing to learn new skills to complete your project if needed. I continue to work with Bluegild Solutions and have chosen them to complete additional projects.






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